Monday, April 7, 2014

Winner! More giveaways coming your way

Another winner!
Yep.. I said I would draw 4 winners and I forgot that one.. winner is:
thimblevee said...
I thought your original post said you were going to draw 4 winners???? Congrats to the winners. Love the patters so far.
(Please send me your pattern choice and address)
I'm glad my readers keep me in line.. sometimes my brain tends to wander a bit.
Tomorrow I am leaving for Florida... woo hoo! I can hardly wait! I am staying with Gloria of Olde Green Cupboard Designs we are going to have a blast at the Tea & Stitches Retreat!
Lisa  is coming along with some friends boy I can hardly wait!
There is going to be good times had by all!
Here is a new table runner available on our website
I'll be back next week and I will try to take pictures to post of the retreat! I will bring something back to have as another giveaway.
Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winners! More Blocks...

Hi Friends!
As usual we couldn't pick just one winner... so we picked THREE!
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I want you to know it truly makes my day to hear from all of you!
The Winners are:
Blogger Michelle said...
Heading over to site now. I like the first two blocks...can't wait yo see the finished product

Mary said...
Website looks really good. I was pondering which pattern to pick if I should be so lucky. It is a hard decision! thank you for the chance to win and your generosity. The new BOM looks very interesting to me. have a great day.
Cathy said...
I love your new website. It is very easy to navigate. Looking forward to the new BOM. Hugs
Please send me an email with your addresses, lucky winners!

Here is a peek at the next couple of blocks for the Block of The Month..

Hope you are having a great day! Keep stitching and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giveaway and Block of the Month...

Hi Friends!
Things here at Geoff's Mom Pattern Co. have been really busy. I just finished three quilts and took them to the quilter.. whew!..that always makes me feel like I accomplished something.
We also launched our new WEBSITE..
Geoff's Mom Patterns has a new great look!
Websites take a lot of work and usually there are always some kinks to work out but I think it is up and running great. Let me know what you think????
I am working on a new BOM pattern that will be coming out later this year.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!
 Any free pattern of your choice!
Leave a comment here..
I will be drawing 4 winners on Monday, March1 31st.
 (if you are out of the United States and win I will have to charge you some shipping costs)
Have a great day!
Life is good!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's New...

Be True
This is my newest addition to the website. I couldn't decide whether to put this in a full size quilt or just make it into a wall hanging but I decided I liked it best as a wall hanging. What do you think?


I named this pattern "Josephine" after a woman I used to quilt with. She was such a great quilter and she had a quilt house. She always dressed nice wearing make-up and all the accessories. I know she was in her 80's and that was many years ago.  She built a house just for her to go and quilt in. She said her husband didn't like the mess of sewing and threads all over the house.. (I actually think it was a way for her to get out and enjoy her quilting time)I always looked up to her as a shining example. 

Girl Fox in Flowery Frock

I decide to do a little knitting. I am not the best knitter. I actually learned from my dad how to knit. His mother and grandmother were master knitters. I thought it was time I tried my hand at something different and knit this cute fox for Spring. If you are a knitter this is a wonderful pattern you can buy on

Well that's it for me today.. I bought some pansies to plant in my front yard. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and I can get them in the ground.

Keep those comments coming my friends! They always put a smile on my face.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Share...

Remember the quilt I showed in the last blog.... I am going to call it "Pineapple Scraps" We are still working on the pattern but I wanted to show you a few pictures on how I made the block. When I make my blocks I always make things bigger and square them down to size. Is that what you like to do? I think it helps with accuracy and then I don't usually cut my points off while sewing.

Another picture to see how I sew pieces together.

Cut those tails off... they get in my way...

More tails...

Square it up to the size you want!

Last weekend I took a quick trip to Lake Powell as many of you are aware it is one of my favorite places. The air is so clean and I had could take a deep breath. The air in Salt Lake City is the pits and my asthma doesn't like it so a breath of fresh air is always a good thing!

More Pictures...
The boat ramp.. the water is really low but they are expecting it to rise quite a bit this year it has been a good winter so the snow run off should help fill the lake.

My girlfriend's son fishes in tournaments and I could wait to go watch them weigh the fish... I'm always a sucker for a good time!

Look at the size of the fish!!!!

More exciting news!!!!!!
I am going to a RETREAT! .. to have fun and learn new embroidery stitches!
I am not a great embroidery person but my mother was excellent at it.
 I want to learn some new things and have fun in sunny Florida with some great friends!
Keep the comments coming my friends.. I will be picking a winner as soon as "Pineapple Scraps" is published.. please don't give up!
Have a great day the sun is shinning!

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Welcome My Friends" Giveaway!

I love sewing lots of small pieces together. I am working on the appliqued border and watching the Olympics and Longmire.. oh I think I am smitten with Sheriff Longmire. Have any of you seen that show? It is on Netflix and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I even ordered the series for my dad on dvd. I think he will enjoy it.

I started writing the pattern for this table topper today... it will be called "Welcome My Friends".
I came down with the shingles again a few weeks ago so I have had lots of resting time. I got right on the meds and I am doing so much better.
Would you like to win the 1st published pattern of this newest design? Well... leave a comment and I will certainly make sure you to send it right out to you..
I am not sure when it will be published.. Geoff is in the process of writing 2 other patterns but after that it is next in line. That will give you some time for commenting..
I am hopeful that it will be finished by Mar. 15, 2014.
Well..  I am off to have a date with Sheriff Longmire? Oh wait.. the Bachelor is on tonight... I'd better check it out!

Take care friends!
 P.S.: get your shingles shot if you haven't had one!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love this Product!

I designed this new pillow top and my girlfriend Louise needed a hand stitching project for a trip so of course I am always wanting to share my stitching with friends. This arrived all stitched in the mail yesterday! The top was a bit too bright for my taste so I got out my "Instant Antique" from Primitive Gatherings. I sprayed the bright places and it looks so much better. I have used this product on several of my projects and it sure gives it the worn and loved feeling! Don't be afraid to spray it darker than you think is needed because it does dry lighter. Sometimes you will apply a few coats to make it just the "loved" look you want.

Here is a picture of the bottle... make sure to order some from Primitive Gatherings!
Today I am going to add a few Colonial Knots to the Sunflowers, trip up the edges and stitch this up into a pillow.
Have a great day!