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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hi Friends. Things are looking up. Having a giveaway!

Now that I am FLU-less.. not sure that is a word but hey I am feeling so much better!!!! I can now get back to my sewing, designing and friend time! I have missed you but as you will see by the pictures below I have been away and very busy!
I went to the Lake Powell Quilting Adventure and we had a super time. (except for that dang flu and I couldn't teach a class but Louise is always there to pickup my pieces)
 These are 5 Navajo sisters that came to the retreat.. they were all so cute and excited to be there.

This is a picture of Louise and her family.. lots of laughing and sewing was done...

Here is a picture of my North Star Class.. Louise taught it for me.. I started but had to leave to go to the doctor (that was a real bummer). But everyone had fun in class and got at least one star made. I can't wait to get pictures of some of the finished blocks.

Here are two new quilters... it is always fun to have the younger generation excited to make quilts.
Holly and Katie had a blast.. thanks to their mom Diane's Christmas present.

Nikki made a whole quilt while at the retreat there was no stopping her.

Here I am with the family. Sometimes we adopt new families (not that mine isn't great) but I have bonded with Louise's sisters and entire family. We tease each other and have lots of fun. I love the southern Utah draawwlll... they don't think they have it but they really do. Ha Ha!

Let me introduce you to Dottie.. I love this lady! She is my proof-reader and does such a good job. She is such a wonderful support to me and as you can see by her smiling face she is always willing to help.

 Nikki with her finished quilt top.

We had a wonderful room with lots of tables to sew at. It was so much fun to be able to sew together. I always learn so much when I sew with others. You can pick up techniques that you might not have known and it is free! Diane and Julie were always working on a project.. no stopping their progress.

This quilt is called "The Summer Quilt" it was designed at my cabin one summer.

Sorry about the blurry photo.. but this quilt is called "Simpler Days".. this quilt using lots of woolie flannels and some wool applique. It is a favorite of mine.

QUESTION of the day????? Does anyone know that name of this quilt block. We were in Marcia's quilt shop in Richfield, Utah and a woman brought in this block to show.. she didn't know that name and neither did I but I just love this block.. it has so much "movement". I suggested that she applique it down to muslin or a shirting of some kind to finish it. She said she found it in her grandmother's belonging when she was cleaning out her house. I think she found a real treasure..

Circle Of Spring
Day before yesterday I really felt like Spring was around the corner.. then I realized that is was the calm before the storm because we had snow last night! Yuck!
I know it is a bit early for spring but I am ready to have some springtime projects. I thought of this pattern and decided I would give it away to a lucky winner!
Leave your comments and if you have ever won on my blog you will know that lots of times there is more to the giveaway than just the pattern. I like to surprise my quilting friends!
Have a great day friends!
Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Land That I Love

This is a new pattern which is in coming out very soon! It is called "Land That I Love".
My girlfriend Louise pieced the blocks for the center. It is so great to have talented friends!
 Geoff should have the pattern finished this weekend. Then it will be off to the proof reader for corrections and then printed and sold to the quilt shops.
One of my friends named this quilt and I just love it.. I certainly live in a "Land That I Love".. I love to travel internationally but I am always so happy to come home.
I have several more designs coming out very soon.
Have you ever wanted to try out a new pattern before it is published?
 (the reason I ask is that I am always wanting to find more pattern testers)
 I have a few friends that sew my blocks before I actually publish them.. as to find any mistakes in the patterns. Sometimes mistakes are still missed but I do try really hard to find them before they are published for purchase.
We are going to have a new website this year and I am so excited.. This is going to be a year of New Beginnings! There will be lots of Joy and Happiness here at Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.
I leave on Tuesday for the Lake Powell Quilting Retreat and I have so much to do to get ready. Do you remember the pictures a few posts ago.. Yep.. I have to dig through that mess to find my fabric and supplies..yikes! The new sewing studio (doesn't that sound fancy?.lol) is coming right along I will show you pictures soon.
Take care and make it a good day!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

We Have A Winner!!!! Retreat Time!

The Winner of the "Pick Me" Kit and Primitive Quilts & Projects subscription is:
Kel said...
What a wonderful New Years present, a gorgeous pattern and kit and a subscription! I should be so lucky ;)
Thanks, love your blog,
Kel please email me your address and information so I can get everything sent to you and THANK YOU all my friends who entered my drawing.
I am teaching at  The Lake Powell Quilting retreat next week.
I am so excited! There are going to be lots of fun and good times had by all. If you are in the neighborhood or want to join us.. come on down!
These pictures were taken at Lake Powell on my last visit with friends on a houseboat. It is really a beautiful lake.

More Lake pictures...

This is a picture of the beautiful desert on the drive to the lake. The rock formations and colors are incredible.
I didn't mean to leave this to the end of the blog.. because I want to wish you all
Happy New Year!
I found this on facebook and I think this is going to be my "resolution" this coming year. I hate resolutions because I never seem to stick to them.. but this works for me to try and be better.
I have been thinking for awhile now about what I word I would like to have as my "word of the year" ..I actually have two word I want to have this year Happiness and Joy
I want this for everyone this year... let's all make it happen!
What are your plans for the New Year???
On a sad note: my dear friend Lisa Bonjean  (Primitive Gatherings) lost her son recently. Please keep her and Nick in your prayers.. my heart breaks for them.
Hug those you love always!
Take care my friends...