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Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy Everything!

Happy Everything! Christmas! New Year! The Works!

My Kids got married as many of you know I took Robert in to our home through his High School years. Geoff has a "foster" "other" "real" brother. Krystal his new wife is the best! She goes with me to all the trade shows. She knows my patterns and is so strong and helpful. Tiny but "mighty". I love them all. Picture from left to right Geoff, Jeremiah, Krystal, Robert and Darren. Love having these kids around!

 In November, Rhonda McCray and I went to "Primitive Gatherings" retreat in Temecula, CA for 3 days! OMG it was a blast. We stayed in a Nunnery and it was quite sparse. Those Nuns really didn't have or should we say  didn't need much. The food was wonderful and it was beautiful. We met so many new and wonderful friends! We can't wait until next year! Lisa Bongean is a super teacher and we made fun projects.. I need to find the pictures for the projects. I think many of them are coming out in her new book "Christmas Gatherings"  

 There are wineries all over... I didn't know that Temecula was wine country... That made me a happy girl! I bought a few bottles and brought them home for Christmas. 

After the retreat I stayed and sewed with Rhonda at her studio. She is the owner of Farmhouse Threads. She is so talented and inspiring! 
I made 3 of these quilts while I was away. I am currently writing the pattern They were Christmas presents. I love working with "Wool & Needle Flannels". 

 Here is Rhonda working on her projects! I told her to smile.. she isn't fond of having her she is so cute and nice!

Lisa hard at work teaching!

 Wonder what she is teaching there????
 I bought myself two Christmas gifts this year... this is a light from Lumino.. I saw it on Shark Tank and had to have one. I love it! It is really bright and I tought it would work well in hotel rooms where they are alway too dark. It folds like a small book and is easy to carry.
 My other Christmas gift to myself was a "Juki 2010" sewing machine. It is a work-horse! It stitches so fast it almost scares you! It has needle down position, thread cutter, and just does straight stitching. I can tell my piecing is going to go much faster and I seem to be more accurate. This is a great purchase! 
I went to my girlfriend Louise's house for Christmas. This is her husband Kenny and he doesn't let dogs in his house. Well.. love me love my dog. Louise made and executive decision that my dogs were invited in the house to be with all of us on Christmas!. We all thought it would "tip" Kenny over but he did great! That goodness the dogs were well behaved! 
This is the first project made using my new Juki 2010. I will be teaching this in San Diego at the Quilt Show! Please come and take the class and have some fun with us!!!