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Sunday, August 23, 2009

It is Canning Season!

Here is the reason I have not been blogging lately! Thought I would share a few pictures!These Dill Pickles my friend Norma and I made last Sunday! We ended up bottling 37 quarts and had a great time! I bottled Danish Mustard pickles yesterday and today I am going to finish up the last of the cucumbers to make a few more jars. My whole family is addicted to these pickles and I never seem to make enough.. yesterday I made 24 pints.. I will probably be doing at least that many more today! My sister is coming over to help me today.. we should have a great time!Then I will start on the apples for applesauce.. I love "Connie" apples.. I think they make a great applesauce!

So.. now you can understand why I haven't had a chance to blog lately!..oh.. I forgot to mention my new work shift is from 2am to 1030am and I am not quite sure when to find the time to sleep! I still have a job though and for that I am grateful! Until next time.. Have as much fun as me! (I didn't mean that sarcasticly even if it sounded that way!)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Quilt in the Works!

Now that things are "starting" to settle down I need to get busy.. there are some retreats coming up and I would love to have a couple of new quilts ready. I need to write the patterns but still lots of sewing to get done. Here is a picture of some of the quilt blocks for the new pattern.

I love the civil war fabrics and it is fun to pull fabrics for each block. I am trying to decide what to name this quilt.. hopefully it will just come to me.. I will show you the finished project.