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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ireland was great

My friend and I went to a cute quilt shop in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The owner was really nice and she gave me a copy of their shop hop list for Ireland. We didn't have time to go to other shops but I am planning on returning soon and taking some of my would be fun to do an Irish shop hop!

When I arrived home I got a head cold.. figures you go to a cold, damp climate and this is what you get.. but it was all worth it! Here are a few more pictures of Ireland..

This is the coastline at the top of Ireland.. the beach looks so beautiful.. but notice no swimmers.. the water is quite cold.

We drove by this bridge almost every day..
I met up with a couple of my cousins on vacation so we had a cold, but fun time! You can tell who is the Utah Fan!
Go to Ireland if you have a chance.. it is a wonderful place..
I am back to quilting and I have a fun new pattern in mind.. I will keep you posted!