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Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is my new "Cheers Me Up" Christmas quilt almost finished except for the binding. I am really happy with the results. Kind of bright and cheery don't you think?

Another close up of

"Cheers Me Up" (I am trying to get the name to stick)

This is Babe my Toy Fox Terrier.. we have had a bad summer. I came home from a quilting retreat in June to find she had broken her right rear leg. The leg was broken in three places. so the vet had to operate and put in a metal rod and ties to keep the leg together. Well I spent the next 6 weeks sleeping on the floor with her because my bed is to high for her to climb. After 6 weeks the vet said the leg was disinigrated the bone was gone. So, back to surgery to amputate the leg. I had to carry her everywhere and so I have now developed Tennis Elbow. Oh my gosh.. I didn't want to tell my Doc that it was really "Quilter's Elbow".. What would he think.. he is cute and now I am sure he thinks I am a total geek! But who cares.. I never want to have this dang pain again. Cortisone shots in the elbow aren't fun.

She really is doing quite well for only having 3 legs! She is my cute tripod.
To be continued:

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