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Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl Gang and a new baby quilt!

We had girl gang on Wednesday night and here are a few of the pictures.. we do have talented women in our group! This quilt was made by Debra Hale.. Debra and Kerry have figured out the correct pattern instructions and will be teaching this class at Elaine's sometime soon! Isn't it great!

Kerry made a smaller version.. I love it!

This is a picture of Debra's girl gang quilt.

Another view of her girl gang quilt!

Leslie and Norma of "Remember When" have a new pattern coming out! Isn't it fabulous???

This is my latest baby quilt.. called "Baby E.J.".. didn't know quite what to call is because I wanted to name it after the baby I made it for but his name is going to be Ethan Jefferson.. but the quilt didn't feel like Ethan or Jefferson.. so what do you do? of course E.J.! That works!

This is a close up of the blocks.. I found this quite farm fabric at American Quilting.. and I couldn't pass it up! The animals are so cute! I have been so busy! Thanks for visiting my website! I have sold a few patterns and it is so much fun to get orders from all over the country.. there sure are a lot of us quilters out there.. let's take over! Have a good day friends and thanks again for stopping by!


Mayleen said...

That tree quilt is wonderful! Is there a pattern out for it?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

THis is great. I love the fabric and I love the pattern.

Stargirl said...

I LOVE the baby quilt! It's such cute fabric!

I can't wait to see it in real life :)

(and we call Ethan "The Kid", ha ha ha)

Joyce said...

Thanks Crystal! I will call it "The Kid" after Ethan. The quilt is at the quilters.. can't wait to meet "The Kid".

belinda said...

Wow....thanks for sharing your 'girl gang' photos. Those gals sure have some amazing quilts!! Especially the first one...the tree looking!
Your baby quilt is w-a-y cute too!!

Kerry said...

Thanks for your comments on our tree quilt which we named "Acorn's Promise". Pattern is written but we are waiting for quilting to be completed so we can add the picture. Pattern will be available at Elaine's Quilt Block. Kerry