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Friday, March 11, 2011

Two more quilts for today!

This quilt is called "Lovely Star"... the is an easy way to piece the stars. Another great quilt pattern!
This quilt is "The Red Cross" quilt. Norma made this quilt and she writes a little history in the pattern.. I am sure you will enjoy it!
If you can't wait to win a few of these patterns... you can alway visit our website at:
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Cardygirl said...

Theses patterns are all fabulous...I am really enjoying the are tempting me!

Brenda said...

I really like your Lovely Star and Red Cross. And Come September is positively eye-popping!!

Brenda in IL

Kathie said...

red cross quilt is just beautiful
love that with the red X's...great design, great border again!

the girlfriend gap said...

My daughter has been wanting a star quilt. I think the lovely star pattern would be perfect. Thanks for sharing all your pretties!

Tressa said...

I came over from the Make It Do blog and she said the red cross one was inspired by Clara Barton. Many years ago I did a report on her for a school project. What a great and inspiring lady. Love the quilt and would love a chance to win one of your patterns--they are all beautiful.

Pops said...

whats not to love about a quilt!

nurselynn said...

I love both the red cross quilt and the lovely star! I would love to see if there really is an easy way to make stars. Please consider me for your drawing!
thanks so much.