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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Simpler Days!

Simpler Days
Penny's Posies
We pack up the truck on Saturday and start our drive to Houston on Monday. I can hardly wait. Norma is the "truck driver" on the road and I am the "truck driver" in town. We have such a fun time. We usually take a friend or two with us to help. We stop along the way to visit the wonderful quilt shops. We leave Salt Lake early so we have plenty of time to shop along the way. I will try and do some blogging on our trip, but no promises!
Keep your comments coming friends. We are keeping track for our giveaway.


KaHolly said...

Both of these are beautiful and obviously a lot of work!!

Gayle said...

Wish I could go with you cuz it sounds like so much fun! I live your Penny's Posies - I wonder how I could make it masculine?

May Britt said...

Love the penny's posies quilt!

Tina said...

Great new patterns! Wishing you all a great trip!

Marian said...

I love Simpler Times. Oh, to have more hours in the day so I can make them all!