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Friday, November 2, 2012

We are BACK!

Hi friends!
We are back from Market and had a wonderful time! I even got to ride the "Bull". Wow! I bet you are wondering what the heck? Ha ha! My girlfriend has the pictures so we will get them on the blog as soon as we can. We found an error in one of our patterns. Yikes! I hate perfection. Just shows we are certainly NOT perfect by any means. If you have purchased "It's A Grand Old Flag" the borders are cut 6-1/2". We are trying to send corrections out asap. Let us know if you need a correction. OK?

Life is so dang busy and we are so dang HAPPY! I will post tomorrow with the winner of the book!

Have a great day!


1 comment :

Marian said...

Busy is good, and HAPPY is better! Sounds like you had great time at Market. I'm looking forward to pictures, especially the "Bull"!