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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

This I my wonderful Dad!  We went out to dinner at a Mexican resturant today. It is his favorite.

I did a little stitching while we watched tv. I let him watch Fox news he likes it and I hate can tell it is Fathers


Carol said...

OMG you made me mom loved FOX news and I hate soon as I would walk in she would mute it but leave it on just in case something came on she needed to hear. Oh they are so funny!

Yvette said...

You must really love your dad. LOL!!

I love the quilt he is sitting on.

MARCIE said...

Your Dad looks comfy! I have admit to being a FOX News junkie myself. I need to check it regularly so I don't miss anything! You never can tell when a meteor is going to crash into earth. Love your new project!

Gayle said...
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its me said...

happy fathers day mom