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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good Times! Great Friends!

Where is she going you might be asking yourself? Well I flew into Parkersburg, WV. That was an adventure.  I told Gretchen from the Woolen Willow... don't worry about me I am a great traveler. I can get to you. Ha! Ha! I had no idea how small the airport would be. I thought I could just hail a cab and get to my hotel. Ha! Ha! I had to call a cab from town which took about 45 minutes to get there. Then the cab driver was a bit teeth challenged and I had a hard time understanding him. But $40 later (7 miles) I arrived at my hotel and no luggage.  I had to wait until the next morning when my rental car would be ready to return to the airport for bags. (They didn't even ask for ID! That speaks volumes of how small the airport was.) With bags in hand I headed for Williamstown, WV and my friends at the Woolen Willow.

What a wonderful shop! Here is Gretchen helping a cute customer and new friend Karen.

The shop is loaded with eye-catching fabrics and even a cute antique shop. I felt my pocket book shrinking as I was drooling over the treasures.

Here is the Antique Mall in Marietta, OH. It was just across the river from the Woolen Willow.

Lots of treasure to enjoy. I had to ship several home.

Here is Jeni holding one of my new purchases!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of a couple of my treasures that will be shipping home soon.

Here is Jeni's home. She has that rare talent of putting a great look together. I want to live here.

This is Jeni and her husband Glen with their dog Chester. Needless to say Chester is a boy dog and loved me dearly.  I mean dearly! LOL!

I forgot to get many pictures of my class but here are a few of the ladies. We had such a great day! They worked on "North Star" and had lots of fun laughing and telling great stories. They are truly a kick!

This is my "Memories of Scotland" quilt hanging in the Woolen Willow. They are probably going to do it in a class. If you are in the area take the class. You will learn lots of techniques.

I am now home and enjoyed every moment of my get-away. Dad is doing well. I try and stay with him at least once or twice a month. He misses mom but seems to be adjusting. He is such a wonderful generous man. I just took a new quilt to the quilter yesterday and hopefully I will have another one ready next week. All is well here at the Week's home aka Geoff's Mom Pattern Company.


Gayle said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time - and how lucky you are to hang out with the creative forces behind such a great magazine!

Anonymous said...

Your friends shop is gorgeous. She must be so proud of it. I can’t believe how lax the security and protocol was for the tiny airport that you used. That is ridiculous. I would be a little upset about not having my luggage immediately. At least you had a wonderful time.

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