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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coming Soon to a Quilt Shop Near You

Geoff is in the process of writing the pattern for Rustic Star.   I named this quilt Rustic Star because I was with my girlfriends quilting and one of the husbands came over to me and said "Hey, I know that quilt.  My wife just made it." And I thought "Really? I just designed it."  But I thought it so dear that "Rusty" thought his wife was so talented that she had already made the quilt even though it hadn't left my design wall. Kim and Rusty are two wonderful people. He is so proud of her quilting. Men.  At least they "try" to pay attention to what we make.

Life is good here at Geoff's Mom house. I leave next week to teach at the San Diego Quilt Show. I am so excited to meet new quilters. Teaching is a passion of mine and I always enjoy meeting new friends all around the country.

Keep leaving those comments coming friends. The giveaway will be here soon!!!


Kathie said...

this story made me LOL , hey give me credit for trying and I love that you named the quilt after him "sort of"
I love star quilts, another wonderful quilt!

Carol said...

What a wonderful quilt! Love it! Fun story...bless his heart.

Gayle said...

It's always fun to hear the stories behind the name of a quilt - or any other item for that fact! This is lovely!

Lauraloves2quilt said...

I just love your quilt designs! Looking forward to seeing you at Rosie's! Keep on with your passion... we are all inspired by your beautiful work!


Ann in PA said...

Funny sweet story! Love the pattern and colorway for Rustic Stars! Ann