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Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day!

 Today I honor my Mom and all of our Veterans! Mom was so proud of her service in the Navy.

I miss my Mom but know she would be proud of me. She was happy for my love quilting. Mom did wonderful embroidery work. I have quilts with her stitching on them and they always make me smile.
Have a great day friends!
Hug the Veterans in your life and thank them for their service!


Minick and Simpson said...

Great Post
This was a great weekend here at our house - Yesterday USMC Birthday and today Veterans Day
We honor them daily - wish more would
Minick & Simpson

Ann in PA said...

We also celebrate Nov. 10 & 11...Daughter's birthday today...married to a Marine :) Corp. 238 BD yesterday, and of course, today honoring all Veterans who keep us safe & free.