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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Share

Remember the quilt I showed in the last post? I am going to call it "Pineapple Scraps". We are still working on the pattern but I wanted to show you a few pictures on how I made the block. When I make my blocks I always make things bigger and square them down to size. Is that what you like to do? I think it helps with accuracy and then I don't usually cut my points off while sewing.

How the pieces are sewn together.

Cut those tails off. They get in my way.

More tails.

Square it up to the size you want!

Last weekend I took a quick trip to Lake Powell as many of you are aware it is one of my favorite places. The air is so clean and I had could take a deep breath. The air in Salt Lake City is the pits and my asthma doesn't like it so a breath of fresh air is always a good thing.

The boat ramp. The water is really low but they are expecting it to rise quite a bit this year it has been a good winter so the snow run off should help fill the lake.

My girlfriend's son fishes in tournaments and I could wait to go watch them weigh the fish. I'm always a sucker for a good time.

Look at the size of the fish!

More exciting news.
Traveling to a RETREAT to have fun and learn new embroidery stitches. My mother was excellent at embroidery. I want to learn some new things and have fun in sunny Florida with some great friends.
Keep the comments coming. I will be picking a winner as soon as "Pineapple Scraps" is published.


Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

How exciting for you to take yourself to retreat! I hope you are feeling better regarding the shingles! Thanks for sharing your tips, it is a charming block.

Page 8 said...

Wish I could go on the retreat... I can't, but I DID get the book!

Gayle said...

Have fun at your retreat - that's a long way to go but it'll be worth it!

quilter said...

Have a good time at your retreat! I hsve been two years in a row, with the same 8 cabin mates and have had so much fun.