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Friday, January 3, 2014

Land That I Love

This is a new pattern which is in coming out very soon! It is called "Land That I Love".
My girlfriend Louise pieced the blocks for the center. It is so great to have talented friends!
 Geoff should have the pattern finished this weekend. Then it will be off to the proof reader for corrections and then printed and sold to the quilt shops.
One of my friends named this quilt and I just love it.. I certainly live in a "Land That I Love".. I love to travel internationally but I am always so happy to come home.
I have several more designs coming out very soon.
Have you ever wanted to try out a new pattern before it is published?
 (the reason I ask is that I am always wanting to find more pattern testers)
 I have a few friends that sew my blocks before I actually publish them.. as to find any mistakes in the patterns. Sometimes mistakes are still missed but I do try really hard to find them before they are published for purchase.
We are going to have a new website this year and I am so excited.. This is going to be a year of New Beginnings! There will be lots of Joy and Happiness here at Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.
I leave on Tuesday for the Lake Powell Quilting Retreat and I have so much to do to get ready. Do you remember the pictures a few posts ago.. Yep.. I have to dig through that mess to find my fabric and supplies..yikes! The new sewing studio (doesn't that sound fancy?.lol) is coming right along I will show you pictures soon.
Take care and make it a good day!


martha said...

I would love to be a pattern tester. I sew every day and enjoy it all. My fave is civil war. my blog is

Anna said...

I LOVE this pattern, of course I am a sucker for all things patriotic and of course am a Geoff's mom pattern fan!

Lynn said...

I would love to be a pattern tester. You can see some of my current projects -

I have a few of your patterns on my "to do" list.

Teri said...

I would be interested in being a pattern tester. I do not have a blog but you can e-mail me letting me know what you would like to see or know about me at I love your patterns and would be honored to test them for you.

Diana said...

Like the new pattern, have not yet made a patriotic but I do love yours!!

Grit said...

This pattern looks wonderful.