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Monday, May 19, 2014

Grandpa George's Cabin

Grandpa George's Cabin

This is a new pattern we finished in time for Spring Market. It was in the Diamond Textiles booth. I hope those of you that went to market got to see it.

We displayed this quilt at my dad's funeral because it reminded me so much of him. Geoff was so proud of this Grandpa George. He named the quilt pattern and there were many tears shed while the pattern was being written. Dad is where he needs to be with my mom and things here are gradually getting better.

I missed seeing all my friends at Market but as we all know family comes first during hard times. The new patterns have been listed on the website and there are more to come. I'm looking forward to my upcoming cruise with some fun quilting friends..
Olde Green Cupboard - Gloria and Vicki are so much fun!
Red Crinoline Quilts - Paula and Mary Ellen
Katie Puckett - rug hooking. Can't wait!

I will try to keep updating the blog. I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate all my friends and family right now. Thanks for all your kind words and prayers. I haven't felt much like sewing lately but I know that will return soon. Quilting always gets me through tough times. Keep those comments coming. I can't tell you how they all make me smile!!!!


MARCIE said...

Beautiful quilt Joyce, and a very nice tribute for your Dad!

Cathy said...

What a beautiful quilt. Your Dad would have been so proud. Hugs

Linda said...

So sweet. I just saw this on Pinterest and love it! I am so sorry about your Dad but happy that you and your family have such a lovely reminder of him. Love is forever.