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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Winners! And a GIVEAWAY!

Magazine goes to:
Cecilia said:
Great block! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine

Gift Certificate goes to:
WhoMom said:
Your block reminds me of a pre-school group on a picnic blanket, Love it! Thank you for sharing with us, and a gift certificate would be wonderful!

Please send me your addresses and email addresses so I can get the prizes sent.

Since I am not going to Market I thought I would show you one of the many quilts I was planning on taking.

Pineapple Scraps, 31" x 31"
I had a picture of this quilt in a previous post but the pattern wasn't ready. Geoff finished the pattern and it is on the website. I wanted to give this pattern to: quilter who said:

I would love to have one of the patterns! I am a Longmire fan! Sorry to read that you have shingles, I know from experience that shingles are no fun...hope your readers will heed your warning and get the vaccine, even is your insurance won't pay for it.

Gloria I want to thank all you of for your wonderful comments and prayers during this hard time. I will sure miss Market but as I said previously my time right now needs to be with my family and especially my Geoff. Have a great day make sure to give a hug to those you love!

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Me and My Stitches said...

Great new quilt! Still sending hugs and prayers your way.