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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Working Weekend?

We love adventure, we stopped, we paused, we pondered, and deliberated..... and then we decided that was more "back to nature" the we were ready for! (Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch)

I have a metal stake in a planter on my patio that states, "Life is Good"... Joyce and I came up to her cabin high in the Uinta Mountains. We passed through 11,000 feet on our way over the summit, where we met 'GIGANTIC' rotary snow blower type machines, snow was being blown to either side, opening a way for cars to pass over the top.
When we arrived at the cabin there was no snow, only meadows of wildflowers; Lupine, columbine, daises, roses and may delicate ferns. The back drop of this is miles and miles of Pine trees and Aspen and Fresh Mountain air.


Joyce and I are not going to to be in any pictures because we have chosen to stay in out P.J's. (Joyce snuck this picture in) We spare a brief moment or two for a shower, fresh P.J.'s and a hasty return to the deck where we stitch and watch the birds at the feeders.

A woodpecker, a very energetic and persistant fellow, has pecked a hole into the side of a pine tree big enough to create a cozy home. Here are a few pictures just outside the cabin...

Our departure from this lovely spot is just around the corner. Our stay is never long enough. However, inspiration arrived and our souls have been renewed and most of all we come to the conclusion that our blessings are too numerous to list. Our gratitue bank has been replenished!!!Here's evidence that all snow has to go somewhere! "Majestic"

Love the falls!

Life really is Good!!!!!!

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