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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love this Product!

I designed this new pillow top and my girlfriend Louise needed a hand stitching project for a trip so of course I am always wanting to share my stitching with friends. This arrived all stitched in the mail yesterday! The top was a bit too bright for my taste so I got out my "Instant Antique" from Primitive Gatherings. I sprayed the bright places and it looks so much better. I have used this product on several of my projects and it sure gives it the worn and loved feeling! Don't be afraid to spray it darker than you think is needed because it does dry lighter. Sometimes you will apply a few coats to make it just the "loved" look you want.

Here is a picture of the bottle... make sure to order some from Primitive Gatherings!
Today I am going to add a few Colonial Knots to the Sunflowers, trip up the edges and stitch this up into a pillow.
Have a great day!


Jodi Connors said...

I love this pillow top, I love how it turned out. Your patterns are gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing!
Jodi Connors

Me and My Stitches said...

Adorable pillow top - love it! And I love Instant Antique - I bought a gallon of it!

Page 8 said...

Love the pillow top! Is the pattern available. Yes, we go through LOTS of Instant Antique. Great product.

Cathy said...

Oh I love it. She did a very nice job stitching it. Hugs

Nancy in MT said...

Joyce, love your design and the wools. Are you able to use the spray on dry wools, this I would like.

Tom Miner Quitls