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Monday, February 17, 2014

Winner! Scraps are singing to me!

The Winner is:
Jodi Connors said...
I love this giveaway! Thank you so much for this opportunity! In fact, I love all your patterns! As far as my rotary cutter, I change that when it starts skipping, I usually try to sharpen it on my rotary sharpener first, otherwise I use it to cut wrapping paper or works wonders on freezer paper for applique or stenciling. As far as my needle, I, like most, will change it every few projects, depending on how extensive they are, if it is just a mug mat or a table runner or something like that maybe let it go a bit longer. 
Jodi please send me your address so I can get a pattern in the mail to you.
Here is a picture of the my newest table topper:
"Love Bunny Hops"
It will be off to the quilter in a few days.
I am working on a great new scrap quilt with appliqued borders. Do you ever have those fabric scraps that just sing to you? I have several and sometimes it is so hard to cut into them because I'm afraid I might run out of it? I know this is silly but I get so attached to some pieces? I have a green fabric and I am not even sure of the designer or when I purchased it... I have been using it on the border for the new quilt I am working on and I have cut out a few leaves but I only have about an 8 inch square piece left and I think I might seriously have a problem. I can't bear to use it all up.
I am a scrap addict! OMG.. do I need an intervention?
Well I'm off to do a little more applique today!
Enjoy your stitching time or whatever you have planned for the day!

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Jodi Connors said...

Hi Joyce,
I love the new pattern. I always look forward to seeing what you have up your "sleeve" So may patterns that I want to get... I love to applique, and your patterns always have at least some applique in them. I sent you an email on your shop website, with my address. Let me know if you need any further information or if there is somewhere else to send it. Thanks for these fabulous giveaways...

Jodi Connors