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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Questions Questions Questions Giveaways!

I'm working on a new quilt.
I have so many things going at the same time it keeps me getting bored with one project.
 Do you do that?  
I like to have applique ready to stitch while watching television.
Last night while cutting pieces for the blocks I'm working on I was thinking about asking my quilting friends... How OFTEN do you change the blade on your rotary cutter? Sometimes I let mine get so dull I am sawing the fabric, which is so crazy. When I change it I can hardly believe how it cuts like a hot knife through butter and wonder why I wait so dang long to change the blade. I find if my cutting mat has ridges in it the blade will skip and that makes it frustrating as well, a couple of my mats are ready to go to the trash.
Another question I have is How OFTEN do you change the needle on your sewing machine.. I have a friend who changes her needle every 4th bobbin. I don't keep track of my bobbins so I am not sure of the bobbin count but I like to change my needle after every two to three projects depending on the size of the project (does that make sense?).
Leave your comments and I will giveaway my latest pattern of "Land That I Love" to the lucky winner on Feb. 10.
Don't forget to comment on my previous post to win "Circle Of Spring" pattern which I will draw that winner on Feb. 7.
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Have a great day!


Mary said...

I am really bad about changing the rotary cutter blade. in fact, I know I need a new one NOW! the sewing machine needle I am better about. not every 4 bobbins however. maybe every couple of months? if I am doing a lot of MQ more often. love the land that I love pattern. The outside birds and curves are fantastic. Have a great day.


Deborah said...

I never think about changing my rotary blade unless it starts skipping when I try to cut. As for my sewing machine needle--I change it with every new project or if my machine starts sounding "different" than usual.

Cheryl said...

I change my rotary blades when they get dull and some last a long time and some not. Needles changed not as frequently as I should. I did find a post about soaking your mats in water and vinegar to extend their life! And I always have TOO many projects going all at once.

Missie of Traditional Primitives (formerly Hallbrook Designs) said...

I change mine sort of like you do...and I too can't believe they cut so well. Then I promptly put a nick in it! LOL. Pretty block!

Me and My Stitches said...

I am horrible about changing blades and needles! I'm the same as you with the blade - a friend used mine once and said " OH, yourself enough to get a new blade!". Still makes me laugh! I never think of changing my needle unless it breaks (oops) or drags because it is dull. Maybe I should change both today!?

Maggey and Jim said...

I too overuse my rotary blade..and I have purchased needles from Superior Threads which do last longer and I love how they stitch,,

TJ Sikkink said...

My motto is: "life's too short to use a dull rotary blade or needle"...but I rarely follow it :) I try to change my sewing machine needle every 3rd or 4th project, unless one of them contained a heavy or different kind of fabric then more often.

Phyllis said...

I can't say how often I change a rotary blade but always wonder why I waited so long. I do change the needle and clean the lint from my machine when I finish either one big quilt or two smaller projects. Just makes the sewing so much better. I use Aurifil thread in my machine and love it.

Jacqueline said...

1. Blades - I don't change as often as I should but I am never sure if the skipping is from the blade or my mat. I have 3 different cutters in use at all times. One is for paper cutting the other 2 for fabric. I keep one for class and one for at home use. When I think my mat is the problem I turn it over and cut on the other side and that lets me know if it is the mat or the blade..I do use both sides of my mat before I cut it up to be used as bottoms in bags/totes.

2. Needles I tend to change out after the piecing of a quilt or after the quilting of a quilt.

Jodi Connors said...

I love this giveaway! Thank you so much for this opportunity! In fact, I love all your patterns! As far as my rotary cutter, I change that when it starts skipping, I usually try to sharpen it on my rotary sharpener first, otherwise I use it to cut wrapping paper or works wonders on freezer paper for applique or stenciling. As far as my needle, I, like most, will change it every few projects, depending on how extensive they are, if it is just a mug mat or a table runner or something like that maybe let it go a bit longer.


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