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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sewing, Rain and Football, Does It Get Any Better?

It is raining today here at Geoff's Mom's house so I have been having fun sewing and making soup! Tonight is a football game on TV and I will be going out to dad's house to watch with him. We enjoy yelling at the TV together when the games are on. We miss mom but we are happy to have each other.
Here is what is on my design wall. Love the new "Floral Gatherings" and "Floral Shirtings". I am ready to sew the quilt blocks together but I am short a little fabric and it will be coming in the mail.
I am thinking of a name for this quilt. Any ideas friends?????

The goat pillow is coming along. I will keep you posted on the decided name. Have a great day and keep smiling.


Cindy N. said...

Awesome quilt! You are going to think I am crazy, but how about "Potato Pails"! They remind me of the pail I used to have to bring in my potato's and carrots from the garden. I haven't seen that pail in a few years, I better go find it!

Me and My Stitches said...

We are getting a nice rain shower here this morning - first measurable rain that we've had for almost 2 months! Love the quilt on your design I want to know how you got your hands on that new fabric!?

Gayle said...

Carry On might be a fun name for your basket quilt. Isn't the rain lovely? (and the cooler temps that go with it)